I am a Denver based software engineer who enjoys working on and improving distributed systems. I have worked all over the stack, from full-stack product development to standing up a cloud native data management and processing system. I have had the pleassure to work with cutting edge cloud tools like AWS Redshift, Kinesis, Glue and more! I have been on green field projects, most recently implementing a cloud-native CI/CD solution powered by Argo.

My most recent edeavor has landed me on a forward thinking cloud infrastructure team managing large kubernetes clusters via EKS, tackling networking problems to improve reliability of mission critical infrastructure, reduce cloud cost by implementing systems such as Kubecost and switching our EKS nodes to run on ARM processors. To top I all off I to interact heavily with other engineering teams at my company and with open-source kubernetes projects regularly. Life is good!

Outside of my professional life when I am not in the mountains with my wife and two dogs, you will most likely find me burried in a book with a shot of espresso near by. My favorite genres are fantasy, sci-fy and non-fiction. As a part of this project I plan add my current reading list and will add more content about things I find interesting such as philosophy, podcasts, and new technology trends and tools.

This site is a constant work in progress and this is just the beginning. Please feel free to reach me at my Linkedin page to get in touch or to talk books!